Dota 2 Reporter September 22

We have been waiting in the hollows on the outcome of the post TI shuffle. The final roster lock has come and gone. Here is part 1 of a 2 part overview of a few of the major moves that took place this past roster shuffle. Some may have a gained a new team to root for, others a team to stop supporting, in any event the next season is sure to be a thrilling one.

With the full release of all players for the Evil Geniuses roster. Many were wondering what was going to come of the North American Favorite. EG made sure to keep the suspense, releasing the roster just a few days before the roster lock. The EG roster for this season will consist of Arteezy, Cr1t, Sumail, Universe, and Zai. Fear has opted to retire and PPD will be taking an administrative roll with EG behind the scenes while working for twitch. It was stated that both PPD and Fear will still play an integral part in the development of EG.

Still in the North American region we also saw a somewhat surprise departure. Digital Chaos kicked Moo, who was probably one of there most outstanding players during TI6. Replacing Moo will be Moon from OG who was also kicked from his team after a disappointing finish at TI6 rounding out he DC roster with Misery, W33, Saska and Resolut1on. Moo fans can still cheer for him though, for Moo has joined Complexity Gaming with club originals Melon and Zefreek with new additions cancel^^ and Justin.

Lastly we can’t forget Eternal Envy who also left Team Secret after abysmal results. EE Sama has joined forces with his old Cloud 9 teammate Aui_2000 who was on was on the wining TI EG squad. NP rounds out with 1437, MSS and SVG. NA Dota sure has gotten a lot more interesting can’t wait to see the debut of the teams.

In the European Region with the departure of Arteezy to EG Secret was looking to rebuild, and Rebuild did Secret do, as they moved to South East Asia to recruit Forev Midone and MP. Secret has gone through so many transformations, we are all curios to see how they will perform under the leadership of Puppy.

Other European hopefuls on the magnifying glass were OG, who where TI6 favorites that did not come out to play when needed most, Team Liquid, and Alliance. With the kicking of Moon, and Cr1t joining EG Miracle also left the team. OG was down to long time team mates N0tail and Fly. Fly and N0tail were somehow able to get S4 from Alliance and Jerax from Liquid rounding out the squad with Ana, a relatively new player on the scene. Now with Team Liquid down Jerax and removing Fata, ,they were able to capitalize on the a restructuring OG by picking up Miracle and welcoming back Bulba to replace Jerax. All the that was left was Alliance who were really up in the air. Admiral Bulldog announced he will be taking a break, leaving Loda and EGM to from the original squad. With moments to spare Alliance added Limmp, Jonnasomfan, and Handsken.

Premier Tournaments To Watch

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On Going – Oct 10th Nanyang Dota 2 Championships – Cruise Cup #1
On Going – TBA World Electronic Sports Games 2016
On Going – Nov 14th Northern Arena BEAT Invitational
On Going – Dec 30th Dota2 Professional League Season 2
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