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Hold the phone! literally what everyone was doing the past week as we were flooded with a wave amazing Dota 2 International Qualifier matches. Here is a quick rundown of what has been going on.

This year Valve had a unique format only inviting 6 teams with the remaining 8 being awarded through regional qualifiers and the subsequent 2 through wild card matches.

To no surprise all eyes were on Team Secret and Evil Geniuses who were forced to test their might and go through the open qualifiers. Let us just say we felt sorry for anyone who had to face them on the path to Seattle as both teams made quick work of the opponents in the open qualifier and face barely any competition in Regional qualifiers. Team Secret and Evil Geniuses advanced quickly to Seattle by placing first place in The European and North American Regions.

The other teams that made it through to Seattle via the group stages were Wings From China who many thought should have been invited and Demons new Team, TNC from South East Asia, a new Filipino squad looking to do their country proud.

Here were the the remaining teams that were sent to playoffs to battle it out from the regional groups and a run down of the results.

North America Playoffs

Complexity Gaming
Digital Chaos
Void Boys

In the North American Region the favorite coming out of the groups would have to be Digital Chaos even though Complexity put out a stronger group stage record. Void Boys and FDL were the definite underdogs who were looking to make the upset, but unfortunately were not able to do so and were eliminated by the hands of Complexity. The Grand Finals with the winner going to the main event and the other having to go through the wild card were Digital Chaos and Complexity. The first 2 games were stomps by DC but the next two, Complexity seemed to have found their groove, bringing the what almost seemed in the bag ticket to Seattle for DC, a not so easy endeavor. Game 5, the tone was set, and it was set to thriller as, going back and forth, could have been anyone ones game. Ultimately DC won grabbing the ticket to Seattle.

South East Asia Playoffs

Warriors Gaming. Unity
White Fries Gaming

After narrowly making to the International from the group stages Execration needed to recover for heartfelt lost against TNC. Loosing the first play off game against Warriors Gaming. Unity did not set the tone well for them. Although Execration were able to to defeat White fries and get revenge against Warriors Gaming. Unity to earn them a spot in the regional grand finals against Fnatic. Unfortunately Execration were unable to beat Fnatic losing in a convincing manner, 3 games to 1. At this point Execration should be fortunate, their dream is still alive; to be able to travel to Seattle and fight once more for a spot to the international.

Europe Playoffs

Ad Finem
Escape Gaming
Fantastic five

Any team in the European regional playoffs could go all the way, the competition was very stiff. Alliance who have been looking in good form, may have had slight edge from the other teams as each player from alliance has been Internationally tested, and tested together to boot. Fantastic Five were the first team out by the hands of Synderen’s team Escape Gaming in a nail bitter. Escape Gaming again with nail bitting win, against Ad Finem, a fairly new squad earned a ticket to Seattle by at least going to the wild cards. The real Test for Escape Gaming would be next against Alliance. Alliance defeated Escape Gaming 3 games to 1, but it did no come easy. Escape Gamine definitely gave Alliance a run for their money in all the games. Escape gaming should not fell bad at all they should spirit in all the games and good bet to making it past the wild cards in Seattle.

China Playoffs

Invictus Gaming
Vici Gaming
Vici Gaming Reborn

In China we saw the Vici squads go up against each other, with the younger team Vici Gaming Reborn squeaking the win after beating Invictus gaming to earn a spot against EHOME in the grand Finals. The grand finals are currently running at the time of this article.


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