Dota 2 Reporter July 27th

After a few weeks off we back and ready to deliver to you the low down on what has been going on around the Dota 2 world the past week.

With the International 6 fast approaching there are just a handful of 3rd party tournaments left before the main dance. The past week we were delighted with the Summit 5, Starladder I-League Season 2, and the Global Grand masters which just completed earlier this week.

The Summit 5, probably the most anticipated non valve event concluded after a long break. The teams participating in the Summit were.

Ad Finem
Digital Chaos

To no surprise OG, who has been showing strong performances all year were in the grand finals the Summit. OG faced off against another strong team, Wings Gaming, a fairly new Chinese squad breaking walls and taking down names. And breaking walls did they, as Wings demolished OG 3 games to 1 to take the grand final. Game 1 was simple for OG who ran Drow Strat with Medusa but the following 3 games were not so simple. In Game 2 OG just got Huskar’d. In game 3 a last pick Anti-Mage by Wings Gaming completely threw OG’s draft out the window. In the final game OG attempted to turn the Huskar against Wings which did not work out as planned.

The Starladder I-League Starseries Season 2 LAN final took place at the BTS house since a few of the teams were already in Los Angeles and to also keep the teams in the same time zone for the International 6. Like the Summit, Starseries has been running for a while and been on hold for various reasons. The Teams participating in Starseries season 2 were.

Complexity Gaming
Digital Chaos
Evil Geniuses
Team Secret

Evil Geniuses performed dismally at Starseries, being knocked out by Friends in the second round of the lower bracket. As whole EG has not been performing vary well, I will be looking at them closely to see how they play at the International 6, being the defending champions. On the other side, rivals Team Secret were probably the most versatile team at the LAN, showing unique and diverse drafts and strategies. As a result, Secret were the team waiting in the grand finals from the upper bracket. Meeting Secret from the lower bracket was Na’Vi, who will get a second chance at Secret who knocked them down to the lower bracket in the 3rd round. This time around it appears Na’Vi had Secret’s number, turning the tables, taking the series and the season 2 cup 3 games to 1 off powerful plays from Dendi and Artsyle.

Premier Tournaments To Watch

Date Tournament
August 3rd – 12th The International 6
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