Dota 2 Reporter August 3rd

This weeks post is going to be short as the Dota world is ready and waiting for the dance to start. This week we have he Wild Card matches to determine which 2 teams will make it to Seattle. Complexity Gaming, Escape Gaming, Excretion, and EHOME are in the running.

The Favorites in the Wild Card are EHOME, who have showed great skill through out the season and were even once thought to have a shoe in to get past the main qualifiers, although that did not turn out. EHOME came guns a blazing in the wild card, after a close bought with Execration, the strength shown by the Chinese squad did not seem too strong. Regardless of EHOME’s rustiness, in the next match they managed to defeat Escape gaming in the upper bracket finals to secure there spot to Seattle, and with it at least $92,000 USD in prize money.

Escape now had one last chance to make to Seattle. And with an epic collapse by Complexity, Execration’s TI6 dreams were still alive after beating Complexity in the lower bracket, kicking Complexity out of the running.

Execration’s first game against Escape was a close bought which could have gone either way, unfortunately it did not go Execration’s way, putting Escape one game closer to Seattle. After game one’s showing, game two was sure to be another epic match, but then the Huskar came out from Escape. Escape’s Huskar pick should have been neutralized by Execration ‘s Timbersaw, but the Timber just did not come out to play, and as a result, Huskar wiped the floor with Execration. Forcing out the GG’s after only 18 minutes, flushing Execration’s TI6 dreams down the drain.

The Group stages are currently taking place, starting August 3rd.

Premier Tournaments To Watch

Date Tournament
August 3rd – 12th The International 6
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