Dota 2 Reporter August 10th

We are going to keep it brief and concise as many of are you are watching the International, and we do not want to you miss any of the exciting action. This weeks edition is going to highlight the major events of the first half of the International.

This years international is chopped full of potential upsets just in the first round. With Secret, Na’Vi, Liquid and Fnatic set to start out in the lower bracket best of ones. Probably the biggest surprise is Secret, a team with questionably the most talent in the tournament. Although with constantly putting up lack luster results, was it really a surprise for Secret to be in the lower bracket?

Secret started out their best of one against LGD poorly, giving Maybe a quick Killing spree within the fist 5 mins, almost signaling Secret’s early demise. Off the illusions of Terrorblade and Alchemist, Secret tried to claw their back from the bad start but ultimately succumbed to the early mistakes in tough 69 minute bought. Something has to change as it has become evident that Arteezy and Eternal Envy cannot coexist in the same team, unless one of them changes their own play style.

Staying true to upsets, the Filipino squad TNC is a team considered an underdog, but with the title comes great power, which was displayed by last year’s CDEC squad a wild card contender who finished second in TI5. TNC playing unbelievably, with nothing to lose, TNC came to play. In the lower bracket best of one’s TNC took out the Chinese squad in quick work. In the next round vs OG, TNC brought out the big guns defeating the 2 time Valve champions in straight games of the back of strong Phantom Lancer and Life Stealer in game one and crucial Chrono’s in game 2.

The lower bracket was a death pit, whoever you were it was a place you did not want to be. It was even worse for Na’Vi and Liquid who had to battle it out, in the end, the loser goes home. No one wanted either of the 2 invited teams to go home, but they way things played out, it had to be. Na’Vi were getting it going early game, but the constant sleep cancels from Matubaman’s Naga, disrupted the initiations from Na’Vi, shifting the momentum towards liquid. Also once Mind_Control’s Axe started blink calling, Na’Vi had to chance, and Liquid cruised to a lower bracket win.

Last but not least the last team that was eliminated from the lower bracket best of one’s was Synderen’s team, Escape Gaming. Escape lost to Fnatic who controlled the entire game. There were many issues caused the demise of the Escape. One being 4 melee heroes versus a Tidehunter. Another was that Escape didn’t not play their usual aggressive style, it could have been due to nerves, but we can only speculate. We all were wondering how Escape would do once getting to the main stage, but not many thought they would not do as poorly as they did. There will always be next year.

The epicness of the of International is on going, make sure to support your favorite team.

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